· Seconds matter, response time is everything in an emergency. No longer will Police, Fire or Emergency services be delayed for a single second while attempting to enter your communities gates. With PETEHOME the gates will already be open when they arrive allowing immediate access, in and out. 

· Police, Fire or Emergency services, using the power of PETEHOME and the internet, can now have unfettered 24/7 access to your community. 

· Police now have a quick and simple way to enter your community. No longer will a Patrol car drive by your community because of the inconvenience and time required to get out of their car to use a key to open the gate.

· Never again will your gates be inadvertently locked open after the Police, Fire or Emergency services responders leave. Requiring a return visit to unlock them and allow them to close.  

You are in control

· Tired of dispatching a repairman only to find out the gates simply needed to have the power reset? Disgusted with the ongoing costs associated with rolling a service truck to do so? Quite often when the gates are stuck open they simply require a power or device reset. Again with PETEHOME you can reset the gates remotely. The costs are the best part, it's free and instantaneous 24/7. 

· Gates stuck open for other reasons? You probably don't even know about it until it's been that way for hours/days. With PETEHOME you'll know as soon as they're stuck open and able to reset them remotely from anywhere via the internet.

· Completely secure. Access is granted based on YOUR criteria. No more "Universal" gate codes that once given out are known by everyone, usually within days. Never again go through the hassle of changing all of the gate access codes. When a user is no longer allowed access you simply, quickly, easily and remotely revoke their access privileges. 

· Vendors, contractors, Fed Ex, UPS, Armed Security responders and City services now have access during the dates and times you decide and their access can be tracked. 

· Walking the Dog? Riding your bike? In a Rental car and locked out of the gate without a Remote or key? 

· View the status of your gates at anytime and receive emails or text alerts when something is wrong. 


Simple Internet controls

Visually verify your gate's position

Save $$ on service calls